How to care for your skin while wearing a face mask

How to care for your skin while wearing a face mask

The pandemic caused by coronavirus has already affected so many elements of our daily lives. It has caused a big change not only in our daily lives but also in our skincare routines. Wearing masks can cause uncomfortable issues.
Some of the problems include:
  • rashes from the friction of the face mask
  • acne that has been aggravated by face coverings
  • blocked pores

Cleansing is key

Wash your face with a nice, gentle cleanser. wearing masks can lead to an accumulation of sweat, which can lead to blocked pores. Thus, cleansing is an essential step to remove skin secretions. Cleansing will ensure good skin barrier maintenance and repair.


Less Makeup

Face masks cause a humid environment that can lead to clogged pores and breakouts. So less makeup can help to prevent clogging of pores under the mask.


Apply moisturisers to face before wearing a face mask

It is important to make sure you are hydrated. The Moisturisers can prevent these problems. creams containing anti-inflammatory ingredients such as green tea can help soothe irritated skin.


Take a 15-minute mask break every 4 hours

Now many people wear masks for a long time. Some people have to wear a mask all day (e.g. Health care workers and essential shop staffs). Everyone need to take a break without masks. Of course, only remove your mask when it’s safe to do so and after washing your hands.