NATURE REPUBLIC is a natural brand that finds and shares the energy of life from the pristine nature around the world

NATURE REPUBLIC is the brand of naturalists that provides health and enjoyment to the lives of customers through beauty energy discovered from the world's most pristine nature. Learn about beautiful stories that revive the planet and life.


01 Pure Nature

The embodiment of nature

NATURE REPUBLIC believes in the perfection of the nature.
It aims to discover gifts from pristine nature around the world and to provide them in the most natural state to customers.

02 For Everyone

For everyone to enjoy

NATURE REPUBLIC provides reasonably-priced products to customers by finding the balance between quality and price in order for everybody to fully enjoy its products.
Through NATURE REPUBLIC's products and brand, people of the world will be able to enjoy the gift of the nature.

03 Originality

With advanced sensibility and conviction,

NATURE REPUBLIC explores the pristine nature of the world and derives new inspiration as we serve our customers around the world.
We research products resembling nature without imitating others while retaining the pride of being the leader in natural cosmetic products.

04 Community

Communicate with each other

NATURE REPUBLIC enjoys engaging with our customers and partners and continuously improves products and experiences at our stores in order to share enjoyment and benefits with them.