Super Aqua Max Deep Moisture Sleeping Pack

Our Sleeping Pack contains Kona Hawaii 914m deep ocean water which instantly hydrates your skin with a refreshing feeling.

  • Highly moisturising overnight sleeping cream
  • Rich yet lightweight gel formula
  • Customers with dry flaky skin who need an extra boost of moisture.


  1. After washing face and applying toner in the evening, apply appropriate amount onto skin while avoiding eye and mouth areas.
  2. Leave it overnight while sleeping and wash off with water the next morning.


Polynesia Lagoon Water

  • Enriched with minerals
  • Sodium: Distributes moisture within the body
  • Magnesium: Relieves muscle stress and plays a crucial factor in keeping the body healthy.
  • Calcium: Component of teeth and bones. Calcium is a crucial component for skin barrier
  • Potassium: Influences the regulation of osmotic pressure of cells.
  • Sulfur: A crucial element of amino acid and keratin. Helps prevent ageing and acts as an anti-oxidant

Caulerpa Racemosa

  • A type of green algae, caulerpa racemes instantly hydrates skin
  • Contains a variety of nutrients for skin including minerals, iron and calcium
  • Improves the skin tone with lon
  • Maintains the flawless skin with vitamins and proteins

100ml / 3.38 fl. Oz.

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