Face Ice Cooling Pack

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Our Face Ice Cooling Pack is perfect for stress relief by delivering a soothing coolness to skin.


  1. Store product at 4-10 degrees-Celsius in the refrigerator for 30 minutes before use (do not keep it longer).
  2. Apply on face using the eye area to align correctly, then wrap the bands around the face.
  3. If too cold, allow to thaw for a few minutes prior to use.
  4. For additional effect, apply Nature Republic Mask Sheet underneath.


This is a refrigerant product. Only use this product for cooling. Do not heat up, sit, lean against, lie or poke the product with a sharp equipment as breakage/leakage may occur. Store away from direct sunlight. Do not use the product on the same spot for over 5 minutes to prevent frostbite. The content of the product is not harmful to human body, but it is not edible. If swallowed, do not try to vomit forcibly, but consult a doctor or pharmacist immediately.