Mask Sheets Ultimate Set (Pack of 9)

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3PCS Real Nature Mask Sheets (Random)

2PCS Good Skin Mask Sheets (Random)


1PCS Hyalon Active 10 Moisture Mask Sheet

1PCS Real Squeeze Aloe Vera Moisture Hand Mask Sheet

1PCS Real Squeeze Aloe Vera Moisture Foot Mask Sheet


Our Real Nature Avocado Mask Sheet contains avocado extract providing intense nourishment to skin.

  • Provides soothing effect and nourishment
  • Softens skin around the face
  • Penetrates the skin fast and supplies moisture


The Good Skin Mask Sheet line offers various solutions for each skin concerns and takes care of the skin mildly and healthily. 

  • Primary sensitive skin irritation test completed
  • Gives skin healthy vitality
  • Passed standard 100 testing by OEKO-TEX for hypoallegenic finefiber sheet(

Vitapair C Mask Sheet is dual care mask sheet for moisturizing and brightening

  • dual-care whitening product line for restoration of skin with freckles, blemished and undermined skin
  • Improve dull skin tones from freckles, blemish and undermined skin
  • Brightening and moisturizing effect
  • Help to treat fundamental melanin care

Hyalon Active 10 Moisture Mask Sheet makes skin moisturized and healthy. 

  • Rapid absorption without stickiness
  • Very similar to our bodily water
  • Long lasting moisturization

Our Real Squeeze Aloe Vera Moisture Hand & Foot Mask Sheet will help provide your feet with moisture that will keep your hands and feet feeling soft & smooth - just like a baby’s skin.

  • Contains hydrating Aloe Vera.
  • Convenient sock-type mask with an ankle sticker allows day-to-day activities.

For more details and full ingredients, please see the each product page.